Arena Footing

Pro Source Materials supplies many types of arena material. All arenas and riders are different, therefore we have what you need no matter what discipline or preference you have. Ideally, every riding surface should be cushioned, provide traction, drain well, have minimal fines that produce dust, and be inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Arena Materials we supply:

  • Fill Dirt (Subbase)

  • Granite Sand (M10)

  • Silica Sand

  • Concrete Sand 

  • Masonry Sand

  • GGT Fiber

  • Rubber Mulch

  • Wood Chips

*Custom blends available by request. 


*Looking for a grading company?

Pro Source Materials works with grading companies all over the Southeast and is confident in referring you to them. Let us guide you in building your dream arena! 

Call (706)200-8345 for grading company recommendations!